Parvo-Virucide – 1Litre


1 Litre Parvo-Virucide dog and puppy disinfectant with superb germ killing power!

Suitable for dogs: Will destroy organisms causing viruses, bacteria, fungi and ringworm.

Used for all animal environments:

  • Kennels
  • Councils
  • Police authorities
  • Breeders

This product is a disinfectant / cleaner giving supreme germ killing power tested and proven by The Central Vet Laboratory. The recommended dilution of 1:200 is effective against the parvo-virus.


Recommended Use & Dilutions:

  • Apply to all contact areas using a sprayer or mop and bucket, paying special attention to walls, floors, whelping boxes etc. After excess spray has settled the animals may be returned to their quarters, ideally when dry. Read all instructions before use.


Animal Hygiene Range Parvo-Virucide (1 Litre).

Weight 1 kg


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