Pet Bed Wash – 1Litre


1 Litre Pet Bed Wash.

Suitable for dogs: this product will help you to deep clean your dog, cat  or other pet’s bed with ease. Pet Bed Wash will get rid of all germs and bacteria, as well as potent smells and odours with ease.


  • Contains optical brighteners to clean laundry and detergents to combat germs.
  • Ideal for young animals as it is sensitive to skin and coat.
  • Gets rid of deeply ingrained stains and smells in your pet’s bed


Directions for use:

  • Use neat on stains before washing. Scrub a small amount of the laundry detergent into the stain first.
  • Add 75ml of the pet bed wash to your washing machine load and select the cycle that is best suited to your dog or cat’s bed.
  • Alternatively, add 75ml to a bucket of water for hand-washing.


Animal Hygiene Range Pet Bed Wash (1 Litre).

Weight 1 kg


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